April 2010 Hike

We came up the Rainbow Falls trail on Mon. April 21. It was a lovely cool day with many flowers popping up. Leaves were just starting to burst forth. For two retirees it took us six hours to climb, pacing ourselves. Pacing youself is the key to a good hike. We had prepared for the trip, but is preparation ever enough? We left at 9 am—a great time. Definitely bring food, lots of water, and layer your clothes. Take the bare minimum in your backpack. Arrving at the lodge was very welcome indeed. The staff were all super—-great service—whatever you needed, they were available. The food was super and it seemed like our plates and glasses were never empty. Rooms were small but comfortable, but heat was turned on by request. There was good fellowship in the dining room and office area (nice heat in there in the evening). There wasn’t much of a sunset that night, but it was fun to go up to the cliff point to see “the other side of the mountain”! . The next morning we left about 9 am, taking the Bullhead trail down. Rainbow Falls trail has alot of rocks, but Bullhead was a very steady downhill hike (albeit, a longer one) with fewer rocks. It took us 3 hours in light rain to do Bullhead. Their sack lunch was well worth it—good assortment of food. We would highly recommend it to anyone and look forward to returning again, trying a different trail. Both were lovely and mostly shaded. The trails were dry (even in the light rain). A BIG thank you to all the staff. Steve & Fredrica Skov (Rockwood TN) , Russ and Steph Sears (Dalton, MA)

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