June 7, 2010 The Heideman Family

Our family group of 11 made the hike up Mt. Leconte on Monday, June 7, 2010. We actually got off to a late start; however, it seemed like we made it up to Alum Cave Bluffs fairly easily and much quicker than we had expected. Once here, we took some quick pictures of the group, took in the beautiful scenery, then started up the trail again for Mt.Leconte. It seemed like we started off again at a pretty quick pace, but soon we were slowed down due to the steep grades and rocky terrain. The area where we passed under a canopy of pink rhodedendrum and mountain laurel was just gorgeous. My husband was able to stop and get a quick drink from the natural spring / waterfall on the way up the steep slopes on our journey to the top. We stopped frequently to catch our breath and take in the breathtaking views. When we arrived at the top, it was as fantastic as we thought it would be, but still was hard to believe we had made it! I have read many of the comments that others ! have made, and they are so accurate in their statements of the sheer beauty of this wonderful place. It definately will be something that all of us will remember for a very long time. The Heideman Family

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