Mt. LeHope

Hi. I would like to thank you for the awesome experience of hiking Alum Trail last yr. I have hiked Mt. LeConte in the 90’s but this was my true mountain top experience. Sept 01, 2009, I had the right lobe of my lung removed due to a rare bacteria. Due to complications, I had a 2nd surgery in Nov. In very critical condition, Mt. LeConte was my vision to set a goal of my favorite mountain. I spite of all odds, many medications and a faith I could hike it again my dream was fulfilled. Against ALL odds, there was a cancellation last yr. on the very date I had surgery previously. I was at the top of my Mt. LeConte my dream fulfilled in everyway 9/1/2011. Because I made it to the top, it has been a beacon of others who have on the same journey I was on. Hope. Mt. LeConte is more than a physical mountain to is Mt. LeHope!! A vision that came true. I did get to see the other side of the mountain in more ways than imaginable! Thank you so much. I will be back…….

Glenda Coker

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  1. Lynn B. says:

    What a fabulous and heart riveting story! I think it is absolutely great and how rewarding can something possibly be to get that chance to hike “the Mountain” again after such an ordeal. You showed great courage and enthusiasm toward something we all feel is so special. We have hiked it twice, and look forward to hiking it again in the near future. There is something so very special about the top of LeConte!!!!!

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