The position of Crew requires some level of physical ability. You will be required to hike to work at least once a month, with the shortest trail being five miles one way. Multiple tasks require that crew members be able to lift objects of varying size and weight (upwards of 25-30 lbs.) consistently, like linens, non-perishable goods, large pots, and mop buckets for example. Regardless of what the weather is doing, we will still work in the sun, rain, and snow.

This is a job that requires one be able to work well with others, function as a team player, and follow a chain of command. You will be provided with living quarters and basic amenities, and in several instances be working in close quarters. You must be willing to talk with each other and work through any problems or misunderstandings.

LeConte Lodge® is a drug-free workplace.

The Crew eats its meals together and has the luxury of eating meals different from what is routinely served to our guests. The Cook can accommodate many different diets, but it is difficult to offer food for a complete raw food or vegan diet. If you have a favorite snack that is difficult to find, we recommend you send up a supply for yourself. The Cook can order snacks to share among the crew, but they have to be economical, so if you want to keep a stash of nuts or healthy munchies, you may want to send them up on the preseason Airlift.

If you are not an early riser, you will need a battery powered alarm clock.

You will need a good flashlight or headlamp.

We have been known to experience very cold temps in the spring and fall, and sometimes the shower is not available for a few days. Be prepared to not have access to a shower or laundry tub during this time.

We have limited ability to charge items such as tablets, cameras, and phones. You may bring these items; just remember solar panels are available for charging and the ability to charge them depends on the amount of sun we receive on a given day.

The lodge is dedicated to bringing the best backcountry lodge experience available to our overnight guests. It is the Crew’s duty to take care of our guests and make sure their stay is the best possible. We are always available to answer visitor questions and are often the first to respond to any problems that may arise.

Each crew member receives 8 days off a month-without pay. If you do not have a car to leave at the trail-head, Gatlinburg is the closest town to the lodge. The shortest trail down the mountain is the 5 mile Alum Cave Trail, followed by a 10 mile drive into town. An alternate trail is 6.7 miles down Rainbow Falls Trail, and then another 2.5 miles down Cherokee Orchard Road into town. If you decide to spend some of your days off atop the mountain, you will be charged Room & Board for those days.