Located in the middle of the half-million acre Great Smoky Mountains National Park, LeConte Lodge® is the only place where a visitor can sleep overnight on a mountaintop in a snug, permanent structure with hot and hearty meals on tap.

It has a capacity of sixty guests per night housed in one of the 7 rough-hewn cabins or 3 multi-room lodges.

  • The cozy one-room cabins are furnished with upper and lower double bunk (full sized) beds, making them ideal for two couples or a family of four. Three of the cabins also have a single bed to accommodate parties of five persons.
  • The two bedroom lodge has two bedrooms with double bunk beds in each bedroom and two single beds in the common room.
  • The two three bedroom lodges have three bedrooms each with double bunk beds in each bedroom. One lodge has a single bed in the common room and the other has a single bed in one of the bedrooms. The common room is the entry way into each of the private bedrooms.
All the units are equipped with:
  • Kerosene lanterns for light
  • Propane heaters for heat
  • Wash basin and bucket to take a sponge bath
  • Linens (sheets, blankets, pillows and pillowcases)
  • Table and chair
  • Mirror
  • Pegs for backpacks
  • Covered porches with rocking chair
leconte lodge room with single bed and bunk bed

Appropriate for a getaway from the high tech world a mile below, there is no electricity. The mellow glow of kerosene lamps lights your accommodations and propane heaters warm the lodges and cabins. Not too long ago an up-to-date privy building with flush toilets was a welcome innovation to the mountaintop retreat, however, there are no showers. Buckets are standard in all lodging for sponge baths (hot water spigot located near dining room entrance) and truthfully, no one is anxious to get wet all over, especially since nighttime temperatures can take a radical dip, even at the height of summer and the daytime temperature has only reached 80 degrees twice (during 2012’s record setting heat wave). The Hudson Bay wool blankets on the beds rate far higher with lodge guests than icy showers ever could!

Outdoor activity creates healthy appetites and the hosts at LeConte Lodge® recognize this. From the coffee or hot chocolate that awaits you upon arrival to the family-style meals served in the lodge dining room, you will be able to eat your fill of tasty and nourishing dishes which appease hunger and restore energy. Lunch is also provided to guests staying for more than one night.

Breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, Canadian Bacon, biscuits, pancakes, grits and Tang.

Evening meal consists of soup, beef and gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, stewed apples, peach half and chocolate chip cookies. All meals are served with coffee, hot chocolate and water. Alternate evening meals are provided for guests staying more than one night.

leconte lodge dining room with kerosene lanterns for light
Special menus (must be requested at least 1 week in advance):


  • Supper- substitute egg/plant based loaf for beef and gravy, or black beans if last minute request.


    • Breakfast – ubstitute instant oatmeal for scrambled eggs.
    • Supper – substitute black beans for beef and gravy.

    Gluten Free:

    • Breakfast – substitute GF-specific instant oatmeal for pancakes and biscuit.
    • Supper – exclude gravy from beef; exclude cornbread; substitute for GF-specific soup.

    Dairy Free:

    • Breakfast – substitute instant oatmeal for pancakes and biscuit, substitute scrambled eggs without dairy.
    • Supper – exclude gravy from beef, cornbread, mashed potatoes; substitute for DF-specific soup.

    Guests with extensive allergies or dietary restrictions beyond what is listed above should consult our reservations office in advance of their stay to discuss planning options.

    You live by the sun on Mount LeConte — early to bed, relaxed by your climb, and early to rise to enjoy a renowned Myrtle Point sunrise. Televisions aren’t missed. For leisure activities, the lodge office provides games. Then there’s always the most popular activity of all; sitting on the deck in rocking chairs, soaking up the view of the mountain tops and distant valleys.

    Whether feasting your eyes on a sunset from Cliff Tops, watching a tame boomer squirrel nose around at your feet, enjoying a concert of birds warbling in the bushes or making way for a meandering black bear, your time spent at LeConte Lodge® is natural quality time.

    pink wildflower with stormy mountain view
    Last Minute Reminders
    • Pack a towel please. We ask that you to bring your own hand towel and washcloth. Packing supplies up and down the mountain continues to be a problem and with your help, we can improve overall service to our guests at LeConte Lodge®.
    • Send $14.00 per person if you want to enjoy wine with your dinner. This is for adults only and prepayment is requested but not required.
    • To simplify planning for your hike down the mountain, for $14.00 we offer a sack lunch consisting of: Bagel, cream cheese packet, beef and pork stick, fruit leather, trail mix, cookies and a Gatorade drink packet.
    • Pack lightly but don’t forget a flashlight and a warm sweater or jacket for those chilly nights on the mountain.

    Each year LeConte Lodge® offers an original limited edition T-shirt. The shirts are available in various sizes and colors in both long and short sleeve styles. The “I Hiked It” shirts and souvenirs are sold exclusively on the mountain.