LeConte Lodge® Employment

LeConte Lodge® is a rustic backcountry hiking lodge located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Accessible only by hiking one of five approach trails, it is the highest overnight lodge east of the Mississippi River. With up to 60 guests per night, it has been a popular destination for hikers for over ninety years. The lodge is supplied once a year by helicopter and three days a week by Llama. There is no electricity or wi-fi. Propane heaters and kerosene lamps are provided in the cabins. Cooking, hot water, and limited refrigeration are made possible by LP gas.

Employment opportunities as Crew are available in-season, from early March to late November. Management, Cook, and Llama Wrangling positions are more rigorous and filled on an as-needed basis. Crew duties include but are not limited to meal service, basic food preparation, dish washing, retail sales, cleaning of cabins and facilities, checking in guests, and all other services related to accommodating our overnight guests. We are in the hospitality business, so the attention given our guests is a top priority. Having a team mentality, a great work ethic, an outgoing personality, and the ability to relate well with the people we serve are important qualifications for the job.

Benefits for crew, cook, and assistant management positions include hourly wages, tips, an end-of-season bonus, eight days off per month (can be consecutive or split), workman’s compensation, area discounts, and sales incentives. A Site Management position is salaried and comes with health and disability benefits.

Farm/Wrangling benefits include salary, housing (off-site), health and disability benefits, an end-of-season bonus, workman’s compensation, extended time off during the winter off-season, and area discounts.

LeConte Lodge® is a unique operation with a rich history. If you enjoy hiking, living “off the grid,” and value the opportunity to serve thousands who share a common appreciation for the outdoors, then this is the job for you! If you have the desire to join our team, please click on the link at the bottom of this page to fill out and submit an online application.

COVID-19: As a concession of the National Park Service (NPS), LeConte Lodge adheres to and abides by all federal laws and regulations set forth by Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  At this time, LeConte Lodge employees are NOT required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (defined as two weeks after the final dose), although the NPS could change these requirements at any time during the season. Masking and physical distancing practices, also enforced per NPS guidance, are in place at this time.

Typical Day for LeConte Lodge® Crew Members

7:40 am – Prep Dining Hall for guest breakfast.
8:00 am – Ring-in guests in for breakfast (ALL Crew serve food and beverages, dish washing done on rotation)
9:30 am – Crew begins camp cleanup after guests depart, which involves bed making, sweeping, putting out cups and washbasins, and making sure the cabins are nice and clean for day’s next arrivals. The cleaning of toilets is done on a rotation. Cleaning the stove and mopping the Dining Hall will take place during this time. Work concludes once a manager completes a camp inspection, in which Crew can enjoy a break before lunch.
11:30 pm – Lunch for Crew
12:00 – 5:00 pm – Office and Kitchen Shift – These shifts are worked by two Crew members and are assigned on a rotating basis. Remaining crew members will have the afternoon off. Kitchen shift tasks include making cookies and beverages, restocking supplies, serving the guests hot drinks and assisting the Cook. Office shift tasks include checking guests into their cabins, selling merchandise, keeping the office tidy, answering questions and providing trail advice to hikers. Both jobs require respectful and attentive people skills. There is a great deal of interaction with our visitors.
5:00 pm – Dinner for Crew
5:30 pm – Prep Dining Hall for guest supper.
6:00 pm – Ring-in guests for supper (same duties as breakfast)
6:00 – 7:30 pm – Cleanup from supper is usually completed during this time. Crew is then finished for the evening.

Job Requirements

Crew Member

The position of Crew requires some level of physical ability. You will be required to hike to work at least once a month, with the shortest trail being five miles one way. Multiple tasks require that crew members be able to lift objects of varying size and weight...

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Farm Hand/Wrangler

These positions require someone(s) who is driven, highly motivated, an early-riser, enjoys and respects animals, loves hiking, communicates and works well with others, is ready to learn and adapt.  Must possess physical strengths for handling of animals, moving of...

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Head and Assisting Cooking

Duties as a Cook include but are not limited to meal preparation and food service, dish washing, and other pertinent services related to accommodating our overnight guests.  Benefits include hourly wages, overtime pay, tips, an end-of-season bonus, eight days off per...

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